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For Immediate Release
September 02, 2020

Oliver, BC, Canada – September 02, 2020 – Transwest Helicopters has re-entered operations with a well-equipped Bell 412EP aircraft (C-GTWJ) perfectly suited for utility and fire firefighting applications. The aircraft has undergone a full refurbishment at the Transwest facility and is outfitted with a wire strike kit, the BLR Fast Fin, Strake Kit and BAMBI Max water bucket system as well as several of the Transwest supplemental kits including the Transwest Helicopters Co-Pilot Seat Modification Kit and LH Vertical Reference Door STC which provides added comfort and improved visibility.

Honouring Transwest’s former Chief Pilot of 20+ years, Jeff Brown, the 412EP is affectionately known as ‘(TW) J for Jeff’ and the company designed a special memorial aircraft nose decal.

“We are pleased to be back flying with a Bell 412EP and it has already been out working on fires. Our Chief Pilot and Operations Manager; Jason Brown has over 13,000 hours total time in flying helicopters both domestically and internationally,” explains Alison Maas, Co-owner at Transwest Helicopters. “Jason brings a wide range of experience in various environments including fire suppression, mountain, heli-skiing and wire-line and is a great addition to our team.”

For more information regarding working with Transwest Helicopters or if you would like more information on the certified solutions offered by Transwest Helicopters, visit their website at www.transwesthelicopters.com