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Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) is commencing efforts to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the regulatory framework that guides training and checking practices in commercial and general aviation. Industry’s inputs and participation in this activity are essential to generate agreed-on changes that enhance both aviation safety and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training within the industry.

TCCA’s intent is to establish a joint regulator/industry working group to develop the concepts and regulatory changes for commercial aviation that are required to support the above effort. The Industry Associations are invited to coordinate industry participation by nominating representatives for the working group.

Please see the attached Communique for further information.

Robert Sincennes, P.Eng.
Director, Standards Branch
Directeur, Normes
Tel: 613-991-2738   cell: 613-859-2796   facsimile / télécopieur : 613-952-3298
Internet: robert.sincennes@tc.gc.ca
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