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The intent of this exercise is to identify significant safety risks, in Canada’s air transportation system, which are of most concern and that may result in unsafe conditions for the travelling public. This includes existing safety concerns or emerging safety risks that may not yet have materialized in the aviation system. The source of these safety risks is generally within the aviation system but can also originate from within TCCA. The input collected will be consolidated to update the national list of safety risk scenarios that will be subsequently assessed and ranked to identify the top system-level safety risks for 2020-21, and lead to the revision of the Top High Risk Occurrence Categories.

Identify a short list of your TOP safety concerns/emerging safety issues (should not exceed 5 items) Examples: Ageing aircraft, fatigue, loss of control in flight, Pilot Shortage, RPAS, Laser Strikes, etc., and forward them to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca, so that they can be included in an HAC submission.