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Incredibly, in response to a question from HAC, Transport Canada made it known in a recent telecon with the air operator community that airline operators should “plan on the original December 2020 in-force date for the new CAR 705 Fatigue Management regulations”, while the Department “considers” the potential for a delayed in-force date.  The global airline community is struggling through the most difficult period in its history. Worse than 911 by all accounts. The Federal government, while it has provided some significant general relief to the Canadian business community, it has yet to provide any industry-specific relief to the air carrier community – notwithstanding relief that it has extended to Northern operators.

HAC has appealed to the Federal Government to recognize the extreme stress that air operators are experiencing – but particularly Canadian commercial helicopter operators. HAC’s operator-members provide essential services to remotely-located communities under circumstances where our customers cannot accomplish their work in any other way – not all necessarily in Canada’s north. What’s more, a delay to the in-force date for airline operators - and by extension to a recovering helicopter community – wouldn’t add a penny to the $346M deficit we are facing, but it would demonstrate some sensitivity to dire circumstances that the aviation community is facing, right now. Particularly for the helicopter community, a delay to “our” fatigue management regulations scheduled to come in to force in December of 2022, would be of some assistance to a segment of the aviation community that will still be struggling to recover from the Pandemic.