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In 2018, the  TSB made Recommendation A18-01, which reads as follows:

The Department of Transport require the mandatory installation of lightweight flight recording systems by commercial operation and private operators not currently required to carry these systems.

The recommendation stems from the TSB’s final report on the fatal accident that occurred to a Cessna Citation 500 near Kelowna BC in 2016.

More recently, TSB Recommendation A13-01 says:

The Department of Transport work with industry to remove obstacles to and develop recommended practices for the implementation of flight data monitoring and the installation of lightweight flight recording systems by commercial operators not currently required to carry these systems.

In February 2018, and November 2018, Transport Canada led a group of representatives from the aviation industry to consider these recommendations. The group is meeting again this week, to consider some draft recommendations.

HAC has heard from a number of operators on this subject, and there are some threshold concerns that they have said need to be resolved before this issue can move forward. Some operators have suggested:

For Retro-Fitted Aircraft

 The equipment should not be mandatory

  • If installed, the equipment should be TSO’d, and ED-155 compliant, but should not be subject to accident survivability criteria;
  • The equipment must be powered by the aircraft;
  • Required data must include prescribed resolution cockpit images, and audio;
  • In the event of an accident, images and audio generated should be confidential and protected in the hands of the TSB, and unavailable to anyone else – including Transport Canada, by subpoena, or otherwise;
  • Data generated by the operator should be available to the operator for the training of the subject pilot - and with the permission of the subject-pilot, or in a de-identified form – for the training of other company flight crew members.

For Newly-Certified Aircraft and for Newly-Manufactured Aircraft

For all Newly-Certified aircraft, and for new-manufactured aircraft, that are not necessarily equipped with flight monitoring systems, these aircraft should be ED-155 compliant.

Please provide your views to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca by March 7, when HAC will be preparing a written submission to Transport Canada on this subject, as a member of the Working Group.