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This program will be facilitated through the provinces and territories, providing funds directly to applicable carriers ($75 million over the next 6 months and potentially up to 174M total over 18 months, if required).

The provinces and territories will also determine the minimal level of service required. Federal funds will be flowing to Provinces and territories.

Key decisions will be determined at the local level, and TC is currently negotiating with the provinces and territories regarding funding agreements.

In response to a question from HAC:

Regarding the support for flights to remote communities, what is the definition of ‘remote’ that is currently being used by TC?

The definition is included in the backgrounder (includes 143 communities). These are mostly fly-in communities, with several others having only seasonal roads or long, unpaved roads making it difficult to be reached reliably.

The federal contribution is to be used primarily for scheduled flights. Other types of flights could be considered when scheduled service is not an option.

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