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HAC and other stakeholders received a Webex briefing on NAV’s proposal with respect to Space-Based ADS-B in Canada. The new system will provide increased improved ATC situational awareness through improved aircraft position and trajectory, and earlier warnings of aircraft deviations. The system will also provide improved emergency response for tracking and locating aircraft in distress.

All 75 of the satellites in the constellation have been launched, successfully. Space-Based ADS-B has already been used to precisely locate two downed-aircraft in Western Canada. The Aeronautical Study is complete, and the study is currently with Transport Canada, for approval. The dates referred to below may move depending on Transport Canada’s evaluation, and the time it takes to complete. The Aeronautical Study will be made publicly available after Transport Canada has concluded their review.

NAV’s planned implementation start-date is 2021, as follows:

Phase 1: Implementation January 1 2021, assigned to Class A airspace, and Class E airspace above FL600
Phase 2: Implementation January 1 2022, and is assigned to Class B airspace
Phase 3: (recommended) the performance requirements will be applied as needed to provide the required safety and efficiency within a specific controlled airspace, enroute or at an airport, starting no sooner than 2023. Further consultations with GA and other air operators in affected airspace will be conducted.

More details with respect to the proposed ADS-B Out Performance Requirements are available through fred.jones@h-a-c.ca.

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