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Flight & Duty Time – Next Steps

Photo Fred Jones 1.jpgAs you know, Transport Canada published new Flight & Duty Time regulations in CGII, on December 12 2018. CAR 702 Operations have been excluded from the application of the new rules, but the new regulations will come in to force for CAR 703 and 704 Operations on December 12 2022. It sounds like that’s a long way off, but we need to start mitigating the thorniest elements of these oppressive regulations, without delay. A number of our operator-members have already contacted me about the new Time Free from Duty requirements; the new Cumulative Duty Hour limitations; the absence of the Zeroing Provisions; and the significant reduction in Tour Lengths – to name only a few. Without relief, in the form of an Exemption using a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), these regulations in their current form, spell disaster for our industry. We are also meeting with Transport Canada to determine the extent to which HAC can create industry-wide FRMS templates that could be applied to particular operation-types or industry segments