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The Changing Complexion of the HAC Convention

As you know the HAC Convention will take place online this year. There have been many changes to our convention format and delivery this year as we venture in to virtual delivery, mode.  Here are a few:

1. We have tried to preserve some of the most popular elements of our convention format while we experiment with a virtual convention. We still have plans for a face-to-face convention in November of 2021, but no one really knows what to expect. We are trying to walk-before-we-run, so that we can apply lessons-learned from this year to 2021, if that should become necessary;

2. We have constrained each of the three days of the convention to ensure that we aren’t asking our West Coast members to get up in the wee hours of the morning and to ensure that our East coast members don’t have to watch the end of the proceedings in their jammies; 

3. The three days include OEM Tech Briefings from Bell and Airbus on November 30; our AGM and a few Speakers on December 1; and then three Committee meetings on December 2. My apologies to the other committees who may have wanted to meeting, but with the constrained days and our overarching walk-before-you-run policy, we could only accommodate three;

4. The three HAC committees that will be meeting are as follows:

Please contact these three committee Chairs with Agenda items or issues that you would like to have raised at the meetings, without delay.

5. We have tried to preserve the essential and most popular sessions including the AGM; Kathy Fox of the TSB; and Nick Robinson the DGCA; and we are scrambling to replace a Keynote Speaker, who was recently forced to cancel;

While the cost of joining us at the Virtual Safety Conference and AGM is free (yes, I had difficulty saying “free” in the context of the helicopter industry), pre-registration is required to attend. Our virtual event is open to Members and Non-Members or individuals.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our program, please contact me on my cell at (613) 884-1422 or by email at fred.jones@h-a-c.ca

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