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As the Curve Declines and the Potential for a Fall Vaccine Rises, the Recovery is Still Slow

Many of our members are experiencing a slow recovery as business gradually returns, but a slow fire season, and some hesitation by customers to return to operations seems to be delaying the recovery. Even as operators across the country implement procedures to mitigate the potential for infection, customer confidence is gaining some momentum.   The fact that many of our operations are being conducted in areas where there has been little-to-no infection, customers are still expressing some hesitation about returning to helicopter flight operations. Some business lost during the early days of the Pandemic is slowing returning in the form of re-bookings, but other projects have been delayed until next season. There is a growing confidence among customers that with the right precautions, we can return to business.  As the industry embraces social distancing and face coverings and medical questions and disinfection protocols, there are early signs that the confidence of customers is building – even in advance of the airline industry. It helps that we carry out business in small, insular groups, often in the most remote areas. Some of the essential services that we provide got our industry a bit of a head-start. Here at the association, we are seeing some of the first promising signs of a recovery, even as HAC continues to batten-down-the-hatches from a cost perspective. With this year’s face-to-face convention cancelled, your Board and I have generated a “wartime budget” that will see us through some hard times still ahead. Like you, we are hoping for the best, but preparing for some rough seas.