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Uncertain Times

For those of you that follow the daily COVID-19 stats the way that I do, our National numbers don’t appear to be showing much progress in our fight against the disease. Regionally, some provinces appear to be doing better than others.

Our links to “essential service” operations may be salvation for some operators who are positioned to take advantage of them, but now more than ever, operators are waiting to see what will happen in the fire season.  

Many companies have laid-off 50%-80% of their work force, but at the same time they may need them back as soon as things start to ramp-up. The trick, for some, will be to survive that long.  

The Federal Government has created a number of tools to provide aid to businesses, generally – most of which our operator-members are ineligible for. The government has been talking about aviation-specific relief – but very little has materialized, yet, except for the recently-announced funding for northern operators.  

HAC has argued that our industry segment is one of the most vulnerable, and affected by the pandemic at the most vulnerable point in our annual business cycle.

Truly, this crisis has shaken our industry to its core, and our industry is immediately in need of some short-term relief to allow us to explore the potential of this operating season.