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A New Year … and a Long List of Challenges Ahead

One operator I spoke with recently said “The fun never stops … I sure hope we have some work this season to support it all”. In the year ahead we have a number of challenges – most notably our ongoing advocacy on the Fatigue Management Regulations, FRMS Pilot Projects in CAR 703 and CAR 704, and the looming prospect of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Operations. 

The new Fatigue Management regulations are scheduled to come in to force on December 12 2022, and Transport Canada is just starting to spin-up the FRMS Pilot Projects for CAR 703 and CAR 704 operators – having learned some lessons from the CAR 705 Pilot Project. HAC is also considering its response to the TSB’s recently-released Study of Air Taxi Operations which raises a number of Heli-specific issues that HAC has been invited by the TSB to respond to, directly.

At the same time, HAC will be continuing to consult with the CGSB on the content of the new TDG regulations, and most recently there has been renewed discussion of SMS regulations for CAR 703 and CAR 704 operations. Stay tuned to our Newsletter for more information, as it becomes available.