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Fertile Areas for the FRMS Pilot Projects

As you may know, Transport Canada and the industry are preparing to embark on a series to FRMS Pilot Projects, aimed at providing a number of examples of a successfully implemented FRMS Safety Case, and its validation.  

A number of our operator-members have stepped up to volunteer to trial the FRMS. 

If our industry is to obtain any relief from the prescriptive rules scheduled to come in to force three years from now, this is one promising option. It remains to be seen whether FRMS will be any more “scalable for the size and complexity of a small operator”, than SMS. The cost and complexity of developing an FRMS will be critical to determining whether operators will be able to find relieve through the use of an FRMS, or whether they will be “stuck” with the terms of the prescriptive regulations. The Pilot Programs will be a critical proof-of-concept for the helicopter industry, and Transport Canada is still not sure how it will address Safety Cases and their validation in the context of unscheduled operations.    

HAC will be working closely with Transport Canada and participating operators in the hope that the Safety Cases will have broad industry application – so that there will be the highest potential that other operators will also be able to find relief in the same areas and capitalize on the use of an FRMS that will enhance safety, but at the same time provide some relief from the oppressive new regulations.  

HAC is promoting a Safety Case review in three key areas that your association believes, will satisfy both of these objectives. Stay tuned to the Newsletter for more information, as the Pilot Projects proceed.