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The View from Here - Rough Ride Ahead

Recent months have made it clear that this government is less consultative and less responsive to the needs of the industry. Combine this with a number of new individuals occupying key senior management roles inside Transport Canada, and industry is faced with having to push - sometimes hard - to obtain concessions to limit the economic and regulatory burden on our industry segment.  Other industry segments have expressed similar concerns. As examples of this phenomena, in what is normally a quiet period running up to a Federal election, this government has pushed through amendments to the Labour Code that will be costly for our industry, and in some ways conflict with new Fatigue Management Regulations; ambiguous and difficult new requirements for CRM training; a new interpretation of Flight Time that will make Canadian Flight Schools less competitive; Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS), that build on Safety Management Systems (SMS) that don’t exist (and may never exist) as a regulatory requirement for our industry segment - and let’s not forget the New Flight & Duty Time regulations still-to-come. 

At the same time, some of these changes will aggravate our shortage of pilots, engineers, and skilled trades – ironically, the shortage is an issue that government has said it wants to help us with. It would be a good start if they didn’t aggravate the problem with these other, conflicting initiatives. All this to say that the commercial aviation community is under siege from a Federal Government that is not sensitive to our needs, and it may take a sustained effort from you and your Association to find some relief.