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HAC Appeals to Minister Garneau Over the New Interpretation of “Flight time”

You may recall from a previous issue of the HAC Newsletter, that over the objections of HAC, Transport Canada has issued a new AC on the interpretation of “Flight Time”. The new AC will change the way that Flight Time is recorded for the purpose of licensing, and will have the effect of increasing the cost to obtain a commercial helicopter license by roughly 10%.  At a time when the Federal Government is supposed to be reducing barriers for new commercial pilots – they just erected a new one. HAC recently appealed the decision to Minister Garneau. While the AC – effective August 1, 2019 - will also have the effect of increasing the current (and future) Flight Time limits by 10%, it is a question of HAC balancing the interests of the commercial air operator community and the flight training community, but at the same time recognizing that the act of starting the aircraft and shutting it down are legitimate flight-related activities that contribute to fatigue.