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Our industry has been assaulted by challenges, recently - a lacklustre fire season, looming changes to the Flight & Duty Time regulations; Labour Code Amendments that will lower the productivity of our workers; new Laws on the Use of Cannabis; a new Carbon tax; integrating the ever-growing population of UAVs with manned commercial operations; just to name a few. If you are not ready to do some self-harm yet, you must be in the helicopter industry.   We are stronger together, and if we speak with one voice, and join forces with other like-minded industry segments, we can influence the course of these oppressive new laws. They say misery loves company - and indeed every other aviation industry segment is faced with the same challenges.  Our industry voices must be heard with other commercial aviation interests so that government understands the implications of their policies - on us, but also on the Canadian communities and businesses that we serve. Only by making your views known on the issues facing our industry - through HAC’s committees or directly to your Directors or President & CEO, can we advance and improve the circumstances in our industry.  During challenging times it is even more important to ensure that your voice is heard - and to ensure that our voices are heard and understood in Ottawa.