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Transport Canada has created new activities in the CARAC Activity Reporting System related to proposed amendments to Parts VI and VII of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS). 

The objective of the proposed amendments is to codify existing exemptions in a manner that is non-prescriptive, permissive, and supports a risk-based approach to regulating. This initiative was identified in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement as an example of how the government wants to remove barriers to innovation in the aviation industry. 

The list of proposed amendments is as follows:

1- Survival equipment (NPA #2020-001) - Transport Canada (TC) seeks to amend the CARs to exempt operators operating under Subpart 705, 703, and 704 from carrying some of the additional equipment listed in subsection 725.95(2) of the CASS. TC also intends to move the requirements for 703 and 704 operators from the CASS to the CARs.

2- First Aid Kits (NPA#2020-002) -  This proposed amendment intends to correct an outdated reference to the Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (AOHSR) that were amended on March 25, 2011, in respect of first aid kits requirements. At the same time, TC intends to move these requirements from the CASS to the CARs. 

3- Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS) standard (NPA#2020-005) - This proposed amendment aims at clarifying that Transport Canada accepts both, CAN-TSO-C151a and CAN-TSO-C151b, or any subsequent revisions to the standards.

4- Demonstration of emergency evacuation procedures (NPA#2020-007) - TC intends to amend the CASS to allow a Canadian air operator to introduce a model of aeroplane into its fleet for the purpose of carrying passengers without having to carry out a successful demonstration of its emergency evacuation procedures when the said procedures have already been demonstrated for another model with the same number, location, or type of emergency exits and the location of the flight attendants and their emergency duties remain unchanged.

5- Sightseeing operations (NPA#2020-008) - This proposed amendment seeks to revise the wording of subsection 700.02(4) to clarify that dual FTUOC and AOC holders are allowed to dispatch a sightseeing flight with a pilot who holds a flight instructor rating without the pilot meeting the flight crew training, competency and recency requirements set out in the CASS.

6- Crew resources management (NPA#2020-009) - This proposed amendment to the CASS intents to correct a discrepancy to clarify what elements must be covered during initial training, and what elements must be covered during annual training. 

7- Safety briefings (NPA#2020-011) - This proposed amendment to the CASS seeks to permit an air operator to authorize trained company operational personnel to deliver the oral standard safety briefing to passengers.

We would appreciate your comments in writing to CARRAC@tc.gc.ca by no later than April 3, 2020.


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