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Transport Canada is turning its attention from COVID-19 remediation, to the restart and recovery process. The airlines have been focused on restoring confidence in the safety of scheduled air service – our problems are (as always) a little different. Our customers, as-a-rule travel in smaller groups; often spend time together in the field and in the same aircraft; customers will feel some pressure to re-activate projects that were delayed this Spring in the context of what’s left of a short summer season; and they rarely transit through large terminals filled with large numbers of people; and the essential nature of many helicopter operations. In short, I believe that we can expect to see a return-to-business earlier than other segments of the commercial aviation community, once the restrictions have been relaxed.

We can use all the help we can get under the circumstances, and there are a number of initiatives that could particularly benefit the Canadian commercial helicopter community. Some of the obvious ones include a delay to the in-force date for the new Fatigue Management regulations (scheduled to come in to force for helicopter operators 2 ½ years from now); extended relief from Transport Canada fees;  financial support for our industry segment to address liquidity issues; up-dated procedures to address changing risk-based Personal Protective Equipment and Disinfection procedures; timely notice of changes to quarantine measures – both international/transborder and provincially-imposed, for aviation employees; government assistance with the training and re-education process as new health-related procedures are implemented; a timely, phased roll-back of the exemptions currently in force to avoid shock and inconvenience to the industry during a fragile recovery process, to name only a few. If you have other ideas, please send them to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca.

Set out below are some documents being circulated by Transport Canada to help guide the discussion;  

Summary – Recovery

Aviation Recovery

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