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April 4, 2020

You have already implemented physical safety measures; let us help you by adding a non-physical layer of safety.

Vincent Hoog, CEO of IQonboard, explains, “With regulations being relaxed for pilot's medicals, training, and check rides, it is more important than ever that companies keep track of their crews' well-being, and watch for degradation in their performance.”

IQonboard based in Squamish, British Columbia, is providing its fatigue and daily health monitoring app to air operators free for 90 days, in an effort to help companies establish safer processes and an added layer of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our fatigue and alertness test as a fast and easy to use graphic test taken on a touchscreen tablet – taking less than 90 seconds to complete. Based on science developed by NASA and the US Military, this cognitive alertness test can be taken at the start of each duty period, sometimes also after lunch, or before starting a critical task.

The test is language independent and it scores results against an individual’s personal baseline. When a user takes the test twice per day then a downward trend can be indicative that something is wrong and prompt more discovery regarding the wellness of your crew.

IQonboard is also providing its crew tracking IQtag at high volume pricing for low quantity orders. The $5/tag/month IQtag beacons can be assigned to crew, cargo, and assets to provide real-time visibility to ground operations, in conjunction with IQmap interactive map software that’s accessible from any device’s web browser.

The IQtag, currently available without a set-up fee or minimum order requirements, can help document which workers have been in an aircraft or vehicle with others within the last 14 days.

The IQonboard system tracks individuals only while in an aircraft or vehicle. It is designed to automatically populate a digital flight manifest and to calculate total payload. This data can be viewed live in the cockpit and is communicated by satellite or cellular to ground dispatch in real-time.

For more information and to request an account go to www.iqonboard.com.