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As you may know, HAC’s Board and CEO, recently took a decision to hold our ’21 Convention in Vancouver, again. Vancouver is our most popular venue, and roughly 70% of our Operator-Members are located in Western Canada. While your Association has not taken any decision to make Vancouver its permanent Convention-home, its popularity for delegates and exhibitors will allow us to mitigate the potential for any significant membership fee increases in the short term.  Furthermore, in response to concerns that were raised at last year’s convention, our Operator-Delegate rates for 2019 have been reduced by 10%.

The Fall is an exceedingly popular time to schedule conventions, and HAC’s growing trade show has made it necessary to book our venues at least three years out, in order to secure the dates that are looking for. At the time of booking, we carefully consider other, potentially conflicting events however, we have no control over other associations that book closer-in, near-or-on our Convention dates. Regrettably, while we are aware that sometimes this can affect the decision to attend, for both delegates and exhibitors, we hope you will understand that we cannot modify our contracted convention dates close-in.


HAC Now Accepting Nominations for the Following Awards

Agar/Stringer Award – Outstanding Contribution to the Canadian Helicopter Industry

Click here for Details and Nomination Form.

HAC Safety Certificate – Year 2018 Pilots & AME’s

Click here for Details and Nomination Form