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A number of Operator-Delegates and Exhibitors approached HAC staff with comments to improve the Conference format. Operators seemed to be primarily concerned over the cost of attending while exhibitors were interested in having more operators in attendance – in essence, the same issue, but there were other issues too.

To seed the content of a short written survey that will be circulated to all operators, associates, and exhibitors, HAC would like to form up two small committees to receive some preliminary feedback while then the conference is still fresh in your mind. It would require about 30 minutes of your time.

If you or one of your employees would be willing to participate in the Operator’s telecon or the Exhibitor’s telecon, please send an email to Barb.priestley@h-a-c.ca before December 31, 2019.

In early January, HAC will schedule to the teleconference times for the two committees, and circulate an electronic survey to all Associate and Operator representatives based on the feedback we receive on the two calls. Only with your help can we continue to evolve the Conference format to better serve our valued Operators, Associates, and exhibitors.