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HAC, in concert with the Air Taxi Committee, is engaging in a discussion with one of the Provincial Fire Agencies about the potential of allowing a second pilot to fly on fires under supervision to increase exposure, and for them to gain experience and hours. They are open to this, and we are inviting your thoughts. They see value in exposing low time pilots to wildfire operations and the province is open to allowing a second low time pilot for certain operations with the following conditions:

  • A formal request must be made to the Provincial Aircraft Coordinator.  The operator must describe the low time pilot’s experience (including hours PIC) and the competencies they intend to work on.  Approval for low time pilots will be on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Provincial Aircraft Coordinator and the Forest Area managing the wildfire. 
  • The second low time pilot would not be permitted to fly with any Provincial Government Staff onboard the helicopter.  It would be expected the pilot would gain experience water bucketing, internal/eternal equipment moves, infrared scanning and any other mission where Government staff are not on board the helicopter.  
  • The second low time pilot would be at no cost to the Government.  Daily fee, travel, meals and accommodations would be the responsibility of the Operator.  In remote base camps when space allows, meals and accommodations may be provided by the Provincial Government. 
  • Integrating the second low time pilot into operations must cause as little disruption as possible.

Please provide your feedback on these issues to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca and to the Chair of the Air Taxi Committee at todd@synergyaviation.ca.