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On Tuesday November 3, the Lightweight Flight Data Recorder (LFDR) Focus Group met for its fourth session to discuss the content of a first DRAFT Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) that would impose a requirement to retrofit ED-155 compliant crash-resistant LFDRs in all commercially operated helicopters (including Flight Training helicopters) and to install them in all newly-manufactured and newly-certified helicopters. What’s more, the NPAs that were being advanced by Transport Canada refused to acknowledge or discuss the incomplete protection from subpoena that exists for the data generated by the new units. The data is only supposed to be for accident investigation purposes.

LFDRs are important tools for accident investigators to determine causal factors however, they can be used effectively to enhance the performance of flight crews in HFDM programs and in training. About 18 months ago, HAC conducted a survey of operator-members and the consensus was to oppose the mandatory requirement for the equipment – except on a voluntary basis, so that is the position that HAC has been advancing. Transport is revisiting the NPA based on opposition that it has received from HAC and other associations.  Stay tuned to the Newsletter for more.