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Emergco is quickly retooling to assist their customers and the wider health care system effort in responding to the challenges created by the COVID 19 global pandemic. Emergco is working with customers to supply in-aircraft barriers in accordance with OEM’s guidance. Emergco’s European customers’ are a positive example of what is possible when government and private industry collaborate as EASA’s quick coordination with industry and OEM’s greatly streamlined the ability to install in-cabin barriers for many operators. George Zilahi, Emergco’s CEO observed,” These are unprecedented times with business and personal lockdowns spreading around the world and leaving us and our customers in a constant state of change and volatility.  Although the crisis is devastating to so many, we felt we needed to proactively support our customers and also try to rapidly expand our product offering in an attempt to assist in dealing with this crisis."

Jason Simon, Emergco’s Production & Customer Support Manager provided insight into Emergco’s broader response effort,” We will be offering aircrew PPE, Cabin Barriers and broadening our production capability to produce medical PPE for hospital and frontline workers. It was important to us to contribute what we could to the health care system and workers’ needs."

Emergco is keen to hear from its customers about any other operational needs they may be facing.