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HAC held a teleconference of operators on April 1 to discuss operator-member concerns with the CRM AC 042. Concerns centred on the definition of Crew Member that triggers the requirement for CRM training. The current definition - strictly applied, captured a broad spectrum of aircraft occupants, including firefighters, seismic tech operators, linemen and others that carry out limited duties in flight – but still trigger a requirement for company-specific training. Strictly read, each operator on a fire would be required to provide company specific training to each firefighter. What’s more, the AC does not recognize the on-demand nature of our business, where we may be unaware of the specific passengers that will be carried until the aircraft lands to pick them up. These and other concerns, will be reduced to writing by HAC in a written submission to Transport Canada, and they have indicated a willingness to revisit the elements of the AC, prior to its coming in to force on September 30 2019. Stay tuned to the newsletter for a copy of our submission. HAC would like to thank the operators that took the time to participate in the April 1, telecon.