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The BC Government recently has recently released new standards for the carriage of workers in the Natural Resource Sector during the COVID-19 pandemic

HAC has raised with Transport Canada our concern, that this step by the Province may tread on the Federal area of responsibility for aviation, and generate a patchwork of rules in each Province on this subject – something that our Constitution was drafted to avoid for aircraft transiting across Canada, while fire fighting for example.

Furthermore, HAC has raised a concern that individual provinces are ill-equipped to impose obligations on air operators who are Federally regulated – by requiring plexi-glass barriers between the cabin and cockpit, for example.

The scenario has been complicated by the fact that CAR 702 Aerial Work operations, like firefighting have been excluded from the application of the Interim Order, which sets out the requirement to screen passengers and require them to wear masks, for example.

HAC is urging Transport Canada to assert their Federal Regulatory authority over the operation of an aircraft in flight, and to bring some consistency to the regulations in the context of aviation operations.

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