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AOG Heliservices Inc. has been in the business of Helicopter MRO and Part Sales for more than 35 years and is known among the industry as the leader in component overhauls. Constantly evolving with the demands of the aviation lifestyle, AOG felt it was time to roll out a newly designed website that would not only offer insights into the business as far as who we are and what we do but would also provide a softer side of the company allowing visitors to explore the AOG family. Understanding the “who we are, what we do and why we do it”.

In today’s world, with social media being at the fingertips of nearly every individual, consumers believe they should have access – and that access includes insight into behind the scenes. Consumers want to know who they are dealing with, they want to see the facility and where their overhauls are taking place, how big the part stores are and who it is that’s repairing their aircraft and components.  Therefore by creating a website that aligns with our multiple social media platforms, AOG is allowing our clients immediate access to the company, the staff, and our core values. Providing something that is not common in this industry and that will resonate with the site’s visitors.

The newly designed website provides a detailed Navigation Bar that outlines the different capabilities within the company. Offering an easily maneuvered platform that naturally flows from Maintenance, Repair & Overhauls straight through to our Parts Sales. This allows anyone visiting our site with the access that is desired among today’s consumers. The site was developed with the industry’s demographic in mind. A website that is easily accessible and outlines the capabilities of our Aircraft Maintenance Team while showcasing some of our past work.

In addition, it provides immediate access to our Parts Sales and offers a detailed Support Solutions page. Offering you exactly what you need, when you need it! The idea behind this was to offer an immediate solution. In the world of aviation – waiting is not an option! The site also includes a detailed Component Overhaul capabilities list and outlines the most extensive Rental and Exchange program in the industry. Ultimately, allowing you to remain in the air while minimizing the hassle of unplanned ground time. After all, “Getting in the air is your passion, keeping you there is ours!”

The site clearly outlines strategic partnerships between AOG Heliservices Inc. and the parts distributors in which we are aligned. It easily notates to the viewer that we partner with the best of the best.

In addition, the site is mobile friendly and responsive to each individual’s monitor or screen ensuring that the site is aesthetically pleasing regardless of what type of device is being used to look at it. AOG invites you to visit the site at www.aogheliservices.com and to follow us on all of our Social Media platforms. 

AOG Heliservices Inc. is open to feedback. Should you wish to speak with us regarding the website, please contact Rebecca Crosby @ Rebecca@aogheli.com or via telephone at 613.389.8596