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The days of managing a job site or service department with a pen and paper gone. To ensure productivity, and optimize project outcomes, firms must embrace the new digital tools of the trade. That includes construction management software that can manage the complexities of modern project and keep everyone on the same page.

That said, it can be challenging to find the most effective construction software solution. For All Type Electric, an Alberta-based electrical contractor and equipment fabricator, the journey to find a platform that fit ended in the cloud – or, more specifically – Dexter +  Chaney's cloud-based construction management software, Spectrum.

“We are a little more diversified than the typical electrical contractor,” said Michael Brown, principal of the Coles Bay Group, the parent company of All Type Electric. “One of the specific reasons we looked at and ultimately bought Spectrum was for its multi-company enterprise capability, which is very strong.”

Beyond keeping Coles Bay Group's network of North American companies connected, integrated functions like the Spectrum Work Order application – a part of the software's “Spectrum Accounting” services – has also given project leaders the ability to generate, assign, and support work orders with greater accuracy, speed, and convenience.

Speaking to other integrated tools, Brown says the organization has benefited particularly from Spectrum's Field Tech mobile solution, through which technicians can connect with their home office in real time while working remotely with the most up to date work orders and service management tasks.

“Having the Field Tech piece was huge,” Brown said. “Very few companies have that remote working capability with iPads yet—most companies don’t, or if they do, they’re using third parties to do it. Spectrum was the only one we saw that had all of the features and functionality together in one package.”

Moreover, he adds, the ability to track and monitor work orders over large distances has proved essential in eliminating downtime and miscommunications: “It's is a very mobile solution that allows you to be flexible and travel with your data at your fingertips to multiple locations, he said. Just this past summer, I reviewed draw requests from 35,000 feet in the air on WiFi on a flight to China over Siberia.”

Everything under the cloud

Cloud-based solutions like Spectrum are helping contractors stay mobile and keep pace with the competition – and help facilitate Viewpoint’s vision of an integrated software suite that enables seamless flow of information between the back office, project teams, and teams in the field.

“Construction doesn’t happen in the office,” said Matt Harris, Senior Vice President of Products at Viewpoint. “It happens amongst the project teams and happens in the field. And that means for construction software to be effective, it can’t just be in the office or just in the field. It needs to integrate and provide information across all three areas of the business.”

Moving ahead, the company is committed to enhancing Spectrum through client and industry feedback. Added Brown, it's that ongoing support and interaction with the construction community that continues to give them confidence in the software: “The company listens to and acknowledges its clients and makes development decisions based on their input. Because of that, I genuinely believe this is the best software for construction companies.”

Learn more about Viewpoint at www.viewpoint.com.

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