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Date: Friday, August 26, 2016
To: CSAE Executive Members
From: Jackie Norman, CAE, Past Chair and Chair of the Nominating Committee
Subject: Proposed Slate of 2016/2017 CSAE Board of Directors

I advised CSAE members in late June that the Board application and nominations process had begun. The memo noted that Guy Legault will move to the role of Past Chair on October 28 at the Annual General Meeting in Toronto and this creates an At-Large vacancy. That communication further stated that Mark Startup has met his term limits of three, two-year terms and will leave the Board as well on October 28 and this creates a Western Canada vacancy.

My memo also advised members that Barbette Ishii (Western Canada), Cathy Cummings (At-Large) and Lori Prospero (At-Large) are moving from their first two-year term to their second, two-year term and Nancy Leggett-Bachand (Quebec) is moving from her second two-year term to her third two-year term. The by-laws state when a Board member moves terms they must also stand for election.

The Committee received several applications for the noted At-Large and Western Canada vacancies and met on August 4th to review the submissions. We were impressed by the applications and have thanked those individuals for their interest. Items 1 to 3 note the individuals that the Committee recommends be elected to the Board during the October 26, 2016 AGM in Toronto. Item 4 notes the Board members who will continue to serve as they are in the middle of a term.

1) At-large member vacancy and proposed candidate
Barry Cavanaugh, LL.B

Barry Cavanaugh, LL.B, has 20 years’ experience as chief staff officer of four professional organizations: the Legal Aid Society of Alberta; the Canadian Bar Association (BC); the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association; and currently, as CEO and General Counsel of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta.

While leading the Legal Aid Society of Alberta he established major revisions that helped overcome a good deal of public and professional mistrust of the system. As Executive Director of the Canadian Bar Association (BC) he improved relations with members and the Courts, launched local advocacy and public relations initiatives that later went national, and retained voluntary membership each year of his term.
He helped create the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association and worked closely with the founding Board to establish the organization as a major presence. In 2007 he was offered the challenge of leading the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta to achieving its goal of being recognized as an independent profession.

2) Western Canada member vacancy and proposed candidate
John Devitt, CAE

John Devitt, CAE, Business Development and Community Relations Manager, Kelowna International Airport, has consistently applied his innovative approach to communication, marketing and value-focused program initiatives to enhance and increase membership. Beginning his career in the sector in 2007 as Executive Director of the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, he created a path of sustainable progress by increasing membership by 20 per cent between 2007 and 2011, along with corresponding increases in net revenues.

Contracted in 2013 as Executive Director of the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, he adapted the methods employed at Revelstoke to halt a precipitous decline in membership. By focusing on providing greater membership value, personalized communication and branding strategies which heightened the association’s profile, membership decline was halted within a year and began to increase.

In his current position he is responsible for all non-aeronautical revenue, air service development, branding, passenger marketing and community relations.

He has also been a guest speaker at the 2015 BC Chamber of Commerce AGM, CSAE’s 2015 National Conference, and will host a session on Membership Engagement and Young Professionals at CSAE’s 2016 Conference.

3) Board members moving terms

The Committee recommends that Barbette Ishii, Cathy Cummings and Lori Prospero be elected to their second, two-year term on the CSAE Board and that Nancy Leggett-Bachand also be elected to her third, two-year term. Barbette, Cathy, Lori and Nancy are dedicated Board members and have contributed to CSAE’s business model work and overall success.

Board members continuing to serve and complete their current two-year term

Lia Daborn, CAE, Vice-Chair (Atlantic Canada)
New Brunswick Dental Society, Fredericton, NB

Thomas Kriens, CPA, Secretary-Treasurer (Business member)
Kriens-LaRose LLP, Toronto, ON

Sylvie Des Ruisseaux, (Quebec)
Association de chiropraticiens du Québec, Montréal, QC

Jean-Francois Champagne, CAE, (Ontario)
Automotive Industries Association, Ottawa, ON

Mary Van Buren, CAE, (Ontario)
Canadian Real Estate Association, Ottawa, ON

Guy Legault, CAE, CSAE Chair 2015/2016 and Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian
Chamber of Commerce, Ottawa, Ontario will serve as Past Chair in 2016/2017.

Should a member wish to stand for election for an available position in the proposed slate (see Items 1 to 3) they must obtain a nomination form from CSAE. The nominations process is described in the CSAE by-laws under Part V – Nominations and Elections, Sections 3 and 4 and can be found on the website at www.csae.com.

The nomination form, signed by at least five voting Members, must be submitted to the Nominating Committee no later than 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting and nominations must be received at CSAE by 5:00 p.m., EDT, Friday, September 9th, 2016. Nominations should be directed to:

Jackie Norman, Chair, Nominating Committee
10 King Street East, Suite 1100, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C3
Facsimile (416) 363-3630 or E-mail: manderson@csae.com


2016/2017 Nominating Committee members:

Nominating Committee Chair:
Ms. Jackie Norman, CAE, CSAE Past Chair, President & CEO
Safety Services Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

Mr. Guy Legault, CAE, CSAE Chair, Chief Operating Officer
Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ottawa, ON

Ms. Lia Daborn, CAE, CSAE Vice-Chair, Executive Director
New Brunswick Dental Society, Fredericton, NB

Mr. Gary Hamilton, CAE, Executive Member, President
Western Retail Lumber Association, Winnipeg, MB

Mr. Charles Gauthier, Executive Member, President & CEO
Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, Vancouver, BC