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Happy New Year! I recently had a conversation about the ‘rules’ around when it is too late to wish people a “Happy New Year.” Growing up, that marker in our house was usually my mother’s birthday on January 20. My mother (my hero) was very clear that rules were sometimes made to be re-written. Since we likely haven’t seen each other since we rang in 2018, I’m starting this inaugural monthly update with well wishes for a bright and successful year ahead.

Over the last few months, I’ve been meeting members and navigating the landscape of CSAE. We are excited to embark upon an important multi-dimensional research initiative. With your help, we have developed a member survey that will provide the necessary directional input to create future plans and strategies for CSAE. The survey will be dropping in your inbox this month and we strongly encourage you to participate and share your voice in this critical initiative.

During our recent Leaders’ Forum, representatives from each CSAE Network along with members of the Board worked together to establish strategic themes and priorities for CSAE. These themes are being used to build a plan to support members from coast to coast by raising CSAE’s brand profile and to help CSAE continue to provide relevant, unique, and innovative learning opportunities. We are committed to ensuring that CSAE remains an efficient, game-changing organization. These plans will be inspired by the member insight acquired through the survey mentioned earlier.

In the meantime, there are several opportunities for you to connect, learn, and lead in the coming weeks, including CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau’s Tête a Tête Tradeshow in Ottawa on January 31; lunch & learns and breakfasts hosted by CSAE BC and CSAE Edmonton; and the annual Winter Summit presented by CSAE Trillium in Niagara Falls on February 8 and 9.

As the CAE® Winter Term gets underway, please watch for revisions to the CAE® Program to ensure a best-in-class learning experience. The upcoming annual CEO Symposium is also an amazing opportunity for Chief Staff Officers and Chief Board Volunteers to create the foundation for a solid working relationship that will catapult your organization forward. For event details and to register, please visit csae.com.

Your Board of Directors meets later this month. I will provide meeting details in my next update in mid-February. At any time, should you have a question or suggestion to enhance your membership experience, please feel free to give me a call at the office 416-363-3555, extension 234 or on my cell phone at 289-423-6196. You can also email me at tracy@csae.com.

I look forward to working for you and wishing you a Happy New Year in person.