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The CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck is a hybrid physical/digital product designed to build your board’s capacity to govern and significantly strengthen its overall performance.

The CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck will help you and your board members:

  • Hold MORE productive board meetings by making the most of your board's time and promoting maximum efficiency.
  • Have MORE focused board conference calls by sharpening the focus of your board's direction and goals.
  • Discover MORE meaningful board training sessions by increasing engagement and board satisfaction while ensuring measurable learning outcomes.

The CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck allows your directors to work together in order to overcome obstacles which have been impeding the board from maximizing its potential.

The 78 cards of the CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck provide physical and digital content on the most critical issues that challenge today’s governance processes. Each card in the deck contains quick reference content on a particular topic, as well as a QR code which can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet to access further content and insight. This content can also be accessed on the CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck’s designated website.

This innovative resource is helping boards across Canada increase board member engagement, drill down to the core of their challenges and develop clearly defined objectives.

The CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck not only prepares your board for a meaningful exchange of thoughts and ideas, it facilitates that dialogue with specific questions that challenge your board’s current processes and help it explore new and more effective ones. Let the CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck improve the way your board thinks, collaborates and performs.

To learn more about the CSAE BoardREADY Card Deck and how it can transform your board, visit www.csaeboardready.net.