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How roofing technology is reaching new heights

Quality control. Reduced labour. A fast, reliable installation process. If you’re in the roofing business, then chances are you are well aware of the importance of finding products that deliver these benefits, and more.

Large-scale commercial projects with vast roofing areas can be a huge drain on time and budget. But thankfully, new technology and improved manufacturing are leading to some innovative roofing products that are helping industry professionals save on time and labour. After all, the quality of a building starts with its roof. Without a solid shelter overhead, occupants will not be able to thrive in their environments.

This January, SOPREMA is proud to be launching a new, innovative product that combines insulation, a support panel and bitumen membrane all in one. In other words, rather than having three separate products to install, these critical roofing components are rolled conveniently into a single system.

The system is already being embraced by construction professionals and architects alike, and was recently included in University of Moncton’s construction and renovation plans in 2016. The factory-made panels are receiving praise for their reliability, versatility and durability among other things.

Why the industry will adopt these panels

1.  They are quick and easy to install, meaning they are excellent for work sites with reduced labour or for commercial projects with a very large area.

2.   They offer quality control and consistency due to factory production.

3.    With three products in one, any on-site installation risks are greatly reduced.

4.     They offer exceptional adhesion between components.

5.    An optimal warranty is available, meaning you don’t have to worry about future issues.


Of course, given that SOPREMA is already a trusted name in construction products, industry professionals can count on quality and durability.  SOPREMA, an international leader in innovation known for making high-end building materials for the construction industry, has been a trusted manufacturer for more than a hundred years. 

For more information on SOPREMA’s 3-in-1 panels as well as other roofing products, visit http://soprema.ca/brochures/factory-laminated-panels-commercial-roofs/

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