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High performance flameless solutions for roofs

In some buildings and facilities, safety is a primary concern requiring that roofers and builders incorporate materials that meet a stricter set of standards. Take, for example, schools and hospitals. For sites like these, flameless solutions are the ideal kind as they offer many advantages beyond their anti-flammable components. Often solvent use and odours are also restricted.

From leading manufacturer SOPREMA comes a line of high-performance solutions for projects where a flame is not permitted or desired.  The advantages of the line include:

  • The elimination of propane-powered tools
  • The fact that these solutions are versatile and can be used with several combinations of SOPREMA products
  • A warranty for up to 20 years
  • Superior waterproofing

This cap sheet membrane is an ideal flameless solution that can be used with a combination of other SOPREMA products. It provides multiple configurations of systems tailored to the needs of the sites on which safety is a primary issue.

Featuring a self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen membrane, it’s the only self-adhesive cap sheet membrane to meet ASTM D6162 Type II standards.  Covered with granules and self-adhesive underface protected by a silicone-coated removable plastic film, it offers incomparable dimensional stability and excellent resistance to elongation and puncture due to composite reinforcement.


For the safest installation, SOPRALENE STICK HR GR is provided with DUO SELVEDGE, a unique technology developed and patented by SOPREMA in 2004, which has been specifically adapted for this cap sheet membrane. On the full width of DUO SELVEDGE, the first part is self-adhesive. The remaining portion is then safely sealed with a hot-air gun. This provides additional waterproofing safety at the overlaps.

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The automatic hot-air welder SOPRAMATIC is the perfect tool to adhere DUO SELVEDGE onto SOPREMA membranes. Advantages include: a uniform and consistent fusion; a nozzle that adapts to the dimensions of DUO SELVEDGE; and a speedy execution, making it ideal for large surfaces.


SOPRATACK is an odour-free, two-component polyurethane adhesive with very low VOC content. It is used to adhere SBS polymer modified bitumen membranes on low-slope surfaces. SOPRATACK is the perfect product for projects that restrict solvent use and odours, like in hospitals and schools.

All these solutions were developed around the idea that the quality, durability and reliability of materials must match builders’ ambitions and expectations. For more information on SOPREMA’s high performance flameless solutions, click here.

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