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Jump on board this innovative waterproofing solution

Canada is renowned for its extreme weather. Hit with sizzling hot temperatures in the summer and artic-like conditions in the winter, managing the elements is something all Canadians are fairly adept at. But no one understands the subtle nuances and outright challenges that weather can pose quite like builders and roofers. These professionals are tasked with keeping the weather out and the indoor climate steady, whether it’s a scorching +30 degrees Celsius, or a bone-chilling -30. And, topping their list of weather woes? Water damage caused by the inevitable onslaught of rain, sleet and snow. As such, waterproofing and insulating are two things Canadian builders take very seriously.

Superior quality, easy installation

Finding products that are both superior in quality and easy to install are important first steps when it comes to contending with the elements. SOPREMA, an international manufacturer of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and other solutions for the roofing, building and civil engineering sectors, is a trusted source to turn to.

The SOPRASMART laminated boards family, for example, includes an array of products whose characteristics are synonymous with speed, quality, durability, and efficiency. The high performance line includes:

SoprasmartBoard180.png571fd27e12215f0c31212e26db08c86a79d7f776a8697SOPRASMART BOARD 180, a high performance base sheet panel composed of SBS modified bitumen membrane with a non-woven polyester reinforcement, factory-laminated on asphaltic board. The surface is covered with a thermofusible film or sanded.

This product offers many benefits, including:

  • Optimal adhesion due to specially designed underface of the semi-rigid asphaltic panel;
  • Flexibility thanks to a thin, flexible panel design that perfectly fits the shape of wooden decks and membranes during roofing;
  • Superior waterproofing ensured by DUO SELVEDGE and SOPRALAP technologies.

SoprasmartISO HD180.png571fd02f70d0c5d479b11ae77be25a6a5f85f0c34c646SOPRASMART ISO HD 180, a high performance base sheet panel composed of a non-woven polyester reinforced SBS membrane with a thermofusible or sanded surface laminated on a high-density polyisocyanurate insulation board. The advantages of this product include:

  • Excellent compressive strength of 90 psi, protecting the system from damage due to foot traffic and rooftop equipment manipulation;
  • Easy installation due to the light weight panels;
  • Superior waterproofing, ensured by DUO SELVEDGE and SOPRALAP technologies.
What is DUO SELVEDGE Technology?

Duo Selvedge is a unique technology that was patented by SOPREMA in 2004 for the safest installation of SOPREMA’s products. On the full width of Duo Selvedge, a percentage is sealed with self-adhesive, which protects components under the base sheet from torch flame. The remaining part is then safely heat-welded or sealed with a hot air gun, or the SOPRAMATIC.  SOPRASMART boards are also equipped with a cross selvedge of one inch (25 mm) at one end to prevent flame penetration between panels during the application of the cover slips.

Find out more about SOPREMA’s trusted waterproofing products for roofers by visiting: www.soprema.ca

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