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A superior roof is possible with the right sealants and systems

Building a structurally sound roof is one thing; ensuring it stays that way is another. With erratic temperatures, seasonal snow-fall, high winds and other natural forces to contend with, roofers here in Canada must go above and beyond to maintain structural integrity and keep moisture out. A lot of this battle comes down to choosing the right products—sealants and systems that increase durability and provide superior resistance to movement caused by fluctuating weather.

At SOPREMA, a brand known for its high performance roofing systems, the pursuit of durability is taken seriously. Each product in the line is composed of a base sheet and cap sheet membrane with a robust composite reinforcement, providing superior resistance to movement. The composite reinforcement combines the benefits of glass mat and polyester reinforcement, and stands out for its excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability and puncture resistance, while meeting the criteria of standard ASTM D6162.

xpressboard2A few examples from the line include:


The COLVENT high performance roofing waterproofing system is composed of a base sheet membrane installed partially adhered with discontinuous self-adhesive strips and a cap sheet membrane that is either heat-welded or glued, self-adhered or installed with SEBS hot bitumen. Together, these system components reduce the adverse effects of thermal cycles by redistributing cover board movement. The base sheet membrane is easily installed directly onto SOPRA-ISO PLUS insulation boards without the use of a primer.


SOPRAFIX is a heavy-duty two-ply roofing waterproofing system composed of a base sheet membrane mechanically fastened to the deck with SOPRAFIX screws and plates and a cap sheet membrane that can be glued or heat-welded. SOPRAFIX provides good resistance to wind uplift and meets the requirements of standard CSA A123.21.


SOPRAPLY is a heavy-duty two-ply waterproofing system designed for conventional installation over suitable surfaces and meets the requirements of standard CSA A123.21. The base sheet membrane can be adhered with hot bitumen or heat-welded, and a cap sheet membrane is heat-welded. With its composite reinforcement, this system offers superior mechanical properties that give it greater strength than traditional roofing systems.


Ideal for repair work, the various XPRESS HD boards are strong, durable and meet the requirements of standard CSA A123.21. They are noted for being quick and easy to install, as well as multi-purpose and made for a variety of applications.


The UNILAY SYSTEM is ideal for roofs with slopes greater than 3%. This heavy-duty single-ply roofing system is mechanically fastened to the deck. Joints are heat-welded or glued. The UNILAY system ensures superior waterproofing at the joints, thanks to wider coverage, and provides tough longevity and good resistance to wind uplift. UNILAY meets the requirements of standard CSA A123.21.


SOPRALENE flashing membranes complete the range of High Performance roofing systems by ensuring the waterproofing of roof upstands and details. SOPRALENE membranes are equipped with High Performance reinforcement and SBS modified bitumen to better withstand movement caused by temperature fluctuations.

To find out more about SOPREMA’s high performance roofing systems and sealants, visit: www.soprema.ca.

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