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Why slope design is critical when it comes to your roof’s longevity

When it comes to installing a long-lasting, effective roof, the first step is to ensure the right roof slope—which begins with a solid structural design. A roof’s slope is essential as it ensures adequate water drainage, thus preventing risks associated with ponding water or ice.

Standing water can cause damage to properties in a number of ways: by adding additional weight to the structure; by promoting vegetation growth on the roof; by increasing the potential and severity of leaks; and by potentially affecting your warranty. In a country renowned for its rain, sleet and snow, it’s obvious why this step is so critical.

Achieving the correct roof slope is the only way to remove or lesson these risks. First it must be structurally sound, and from there, the additional use of products can help ensure water drainage flows efficiently towards the drain.

Soprema1 270418To achieve the most effective roof possible—something that only saves money and energy in the long run—many are turning to a specialized team dedicated exclusively to slope design.

SOPREMA’s Slope Design Service

A slope design team is a group of specialists with key roofing expertise. Without additional charges, a design team will give you custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, and presented options based on your roof’s specific energy or thermal resistance values.  You’ll also receive a package of products designed to save you time and money, installed to your roof right on site.

SOPREMA, an international manufacturer of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and other solutions for the roofing, building and civil engineering sectors, is a trusted source when it comes to slope design.

Their array of roofing specialty products for slope design include:

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  • Insulating panels, available in several thicknesses
  • Transition panels with a thickness of a little more than 0 inch at the lowest point.
  • Hinged sumps, to ensure water flows efficiently toward drains
  • Precut Crickets, to provide efficient flow of water, as well as precut crickets for mechanical units
  • Counter slopes, to increase the speed at which water drains from the roof, thus reducing risk of ponding
  • Precut hips and valleys, factory cut to avoid mistakes on site
  • Filler panels for metal roofs, custom cut to increase R-value of your entire roofing system  

For more information on Soprema’s Slope Design Service, please contact: slope@soprema.ca.


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