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Discover the benefits of insulation boards with shiplap edges

There are numerous benefits to foam insulation boards that make them a favourite among builders and roofers. First and foremost, they are lightweight, energy-efficient and can be easily cut to fit any space or size. Adding to their convenience, some leading manufacturers offer boards with shiplap edges that enable a faster, more secure installment.  Essentially, these edges allow the boards to overlap and be locked into place, ensuring there are no gaps between them and less chance of air and water leakage.

The SOPRA-ISO SHIPLAP BOARD is just such a product, a polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board with shiplap edges on all four sides. Offering a significant time savings of up to five minutes per person for every 100 square feet of installation, these boards are composed of a closed cell foam core between polymers coated with fibreglass facers. There is no support panel or primer required when used under COLVENT BASE 830 membranes, and they offer higher dimensional stability as a result of their composition.

Polyisocyanurate is widely considered the most effective thermal insulation product on the market, with an exceptional service temperature of -73 to 122 °C, making it possible to apply the boards with hot bitumen. Lightweight, and easy to transport and handle, the boards have a constant thickness and even show superior performance in fire tests.

To top it all off, polyisocyanurate is environmentally-friendly without CFCs and HCFCs.  Canadian commercial roofers are encouraged to visit: www.soprema.ca/product/sopra-iso-plus-shiplap-board-655 to find out more about this product, which is now available in the Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada. 


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