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Cold-applied roofing systems are gaining popularity in the field. Even still, there are lingering myths and misconceptions that can make industry players apprehensive.

Help is a more in-depth look at the top concerns around flameless roofing solutions to help separate fact from fiction.

Myth: 2 ply self-adhesive (SA) systems are not as reliable as 2 ply torched systems.

Fact: In terms of mechanical properties, 2 ply SA systems are equivalent to or better than many torch applied membrane products in the market. According to Dorothée Colbert-Houle, Product Manager, Roofing, with Soprema Canada, this is particularly true for Soprema's SA roofing system which is made with Sopralene Stick HR 40 base ply with Sopralene Stick HR GR or Soprastar Stick: "Those high-performance SA SBS modified bitumen membranes are composed of a composite reinforcement that provides an incomparable dimensional stability and excellent resistance to elongation and resistance to puncture."SopremaProduct3

In addition, she adds, Soprema's SA roofing membranes do not require additional maintenance program or particular post-installation attention compare to torched systems. That being said, both self-adhesive and torched systems have been shown to achieve the same long-term performances and durability.

Myth: Self-adhesive systems are longer to install than the 2 ply torched systems

Fact: One of the reasons self-adhered products are on the rise is that they offer substantial time and labour savings due to their simple application methods.

“It is very well known in the industry that SA products are a big time saver for wall flashing, particularly when SA technology is combined with Soprema DUO selvedge technology,” says Colbert-Houle, adding, “The use of Sopramatic automatic hot-air welder will also increase the speed and quality of the seal.”

By comparison, the application of a 2 ply torched system is slowed by the required thermofusion of the bitumen – a limit that does not apply with SA systems.






Myth: Cold-applied systems are not covered by the Material Guarantee.

Fact: In truth, there are numerous options to guarantee a flameless solution. Soprema, for example, offers a complete warranty program that includes Material Guarantee for all roofing contractors and covers the manufacturing quality for the accessories products and water infiltration caused by the membranes deficiencies.

Moreover, roofing contractor members of the PAQ + S Program are eligible for the Mammouth Platinum material and workmanship system warranty with Soprema’s Cold-applied roofing systems.

Myth: 2 ply self-adhesive systems are not appropriate solutions for protected membrane roofs (aka inverted roofs).

Fact:  The Canadian roofing market is dominated by conventional roofs, and PMR systems have been heavily promoted throughout the years. This could explain why some people in the industry know less about the different configurations of systems and the use of 2 ply SA membranes in PMR assembly. Meanwhile, the Soprema SA system Soprasmart ISO HD 180, which is sanded with Sopralene Stick HR 40 self-adhered membrane and SOPRA XPS insulation, is a good example of fumeless and flameless inverted roof alternative.


With flameless roofing solutions on the rise, it pays to know the facts. Learn more about the advantages of cold-adhesive roofing solutions in Into the Cold: The rise of flameless roofing solutions, or visit Soprema.ca

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