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Whether you're looking to re-roof an existing home or commercial building or planning a brand new construction project, advancements in roofing materials have come a long way, allowing for new options that are durable, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

One such option is synthetic recycled roof tiles that emulate the look and feel of slate. While both pleasing to the eye and built to withstand extreme weather conditions, these tiles offer a host of benefits that are making them a popular new choice among builders and building owners alike.

Common roof materials: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Commonly usedroofing materials range from clay tiles and cedar shakes, to asphalt shingles and metal cladding—all of which come with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. While some options, like asphalt, are more affordable and easy to install, their light weight can make them vulnerable to high winds and other extreme weather conditions. And, though versatile, typically asphalt shingles need to be replaced every ten to 12 years.

Metal cladding, on the other hand, is an increasingly popular choice because of its energy-efficiency and long, low maintenance lifespan. But installing a metal roof is an intricate, costly process, making it a larger upfront investment compared to some of the other roofing options.

Synthetic recycled roof tiles

For twelve years, Moderne Slate Roofing has been producing tiles from recycled synthetic material that emulate the clean look of slate. Based in New Brunswick, the company stands by its high-style product made exclusively from recycled post-industrial plastics.

While the product line meets all certification requirements established by the Green Building Council and its LEED ratings system, it offers a host of other amazing benefits too.  Aside from the attractive slate appearance, here are five more reasons to consider this roofing option:

1. Remarkable strength and durability

International testing proves these synthetic slate shingles can easily withstand hurricane force winds and rain. They are also colour fast, UV protected, fire resistant, snow-shedding and they won’t freeze, thaw, bend or crack.

 2. 100% green

Moderne Slate's sustainable production technology recycles only the highest grade post-industrial plastics, meaning none of the materials will end up in landfills.

3. Cost effective

Synthetic roofing tiles are cost effective compared to some traditional roofing products and they don’t have to be replaced or fixed nearly as often. In fact, a Moderne Slate roof is backed up by a lifetime warrantee, transferrable to a new owner if the house is sold, giving the owner residual value for his home.

4. Fast Installation

These roofs can be installed in half the time as a traditional roof, saving time and labour-related expenses. Installation is similar to the standard '3-in-1' process, but innovative features like the adjustable Hip and Ridge caps are real time- and money-savers.

5. Canadian-made

Moderne Slate Roofing is based in New Brunswick and serves customers in all Canadian Provinces and Territories, across the United States and throughout Great Britain. By supporting Moderne Slate Roofing, you’ll be investing in a great, long-lasting product, and the local economy. 

For more information on Moderne Slate synthetic roofing tiles, visit: moderneslate.ca.

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