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Hello Vendors,

*Please feel free to share this message with your association members*

The Region of Peel is excited to announce that it will begin accepting electronic submission of bids through the bids&tenders™ platform starting March 26, 2018. Currently, the Region only posts bid documents on bids&tenders™ and the submission of bids remains in-person or by mail/courier.

As of March 26, 2018:

• All vendors interested in bidding on the Region’s bid posts must register with bids&tenders™.
• The Region will only accept bids that are submitted through the bids&tenders™ platform.
• Submission of bids on documents issued before March 26 will continue to be in-person or by mail/courier.

Digital Bid Bonds

As of March 26, the Region’s only form of bid security will be digital bid bonds. Where bid security is required, vendors will be required to submit a digital bid bond as part of their online bid submission. Vendors are encouraged to contact their sureties well in advance of submitting a bid to arrange for the preparation of any required digital bid bond to ensure that the bid bond is available for submission on closing.

Benefits of Using bids&tenders™

Using bids&tenders™ offers vendors many benefits including unlimited access to bid postings from all agencies using bids&tenders™ in Canada. An annual subscription fee is $165, and a one-time, pay-per-bid option is also available at $45 per bid. Bid documents can be previewed without payment. Vendors not currently registered with bids&tenders™ can register at www.bidsandtenders.ca.

For more information on bids&tenders™, please visit peelregion.ca/purchasingemail us or call 905-791-7800, ext. 4303. You can also visit www.bidsandtenders.ca to learn about the benefits of the new procurement platform for you.

Through our vision - Community for Life and our mission - Working with You, the Region of Peel is striving to provide services that are user-friendly and accessible. By leveraging technology such as bids&tenders™ we ensure ease of access to our services to meet the needs of our residents and business partners.

We look forward to continue working with you.

Patricia Caza
Director, Procurement