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Ministry of Transportation (MTO) officials and industry stakeholder representatives recently gathered to discuss the progress that has been made in the government’s development of its stakeholder engagement protocol.

The new consultation protocol is part of MTO’s Action Plan for Highway Contracts and Oversight.  Its objective is to create an effective approach for consulting with technical stakeholders on policies, standards and specifications for the ministry’s construction contracts while maintaining principles of openness, transparency and avoiding conflict of interest.

At the heart of MTO’s efforts to make consultations more effective is a new one window point of contact.  When complete this new website will serve as a one-stop resource for industry to access information about MTO projects as well as a two-way communication resource, able to answer stakeholder requests for further information or clarification on ministry projects.  More information about this website is forthcoming as development progresses.

Supporting this new portal will also be future annual stakeholder meetings with the Ministry.

More information about this initiative will be shared as it becomes available.  In the meantime should you have any questions, contact David Zurawel at dzurawel@ceo.on.ca or 416-620-1400 ext. 222