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By: David Zurawel

CEO is informing members that on the advice of our insurance and contract specialist partners some language in the current 2017 version of the MEA/CEO Client/Engineer Agreement for Professional Consulting Services needs to be changed.

Please make sure that in your project agreements that the language in the introductory paragraph of Section 1.11 Insurance (Page 6 of 19) reads as follows:

“The Client will accept the insurance coverage amount specified in this clause section (a) OR (b), or whichever is applicable to the claim or as specified in the RFP as the aggregate limit of liability of the Engineer for Clients damages.” 

To ensure appropriate insurance coverage, be sure to attach supplementary conditions to your agreement reflecting this modified language.

CEO is working with MEA to update the standard agreement to reflect this necessary change as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact David Zurawel at dzurawel@ceo.on.ca or 416-620-1400 ext. 222.