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The Government of Canada is asking Canadians “What Does A Transition To Clean Energy In Canada By 2050 Look Like To You?”.

CanSIA believes that in order to reach Canada’s clean energy targets, Canada must encourage the deployment of renewable energy and that the best tool at the Federal Government’s disposal is enhanced tax treatment of renewable energy projects.

The United States has had a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for many years which has also been recently extended.  Join CanSIA in expressing the value that a 30% ITC would bring to Canada’s transition to Clean Energy in Canada by 2050.  Show your support of this plan by clicking ‘like’ on CanSIA’s idea ‘Time for Solar Energy Tax Policy in Canada’.

“Tax policy is a key enabler for renewable energy projects globally and has been successful in developing Canada’s oil, gas and mining sectors. Canada’s tax code currently offers a limited number of incentives to offset development expenses and capital costs for renewable energy projects. However, these incentives are weak in comparison to those historically received by other Canadian energy sectors and our major trading partners (especially the United States). In addition, they are designed to significantly limit the types of taxpayer who can benefit from them and no longer reflect the investor profile and asset owners of current day renewable energy projects which include individual households to small businesses to major corporations and everyone in between.  To support the Federal Government’s objective to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of Canada’s tax treatment of renewable energies, particularly in comparison to the United States, we recommend the Federal Government implement an Investment Tax Credit on Capital Costs for personal and corporate taxpayers who invest in renewable energy projects.”

To learn more about the more about how Canada can harness solar as we transition to Clean Energy by 2050, read our recommendations for the Pan-Canadian Climate Change Framework.