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An innovation in automotive battery design is making the leap from the transportation industry to  consumer vehicles.

The technology, dubbed MIXTECH, aims to address the negative effects of idle “stop-start” vehicles, which have become a popular solution for fuel efficiency but a drain on traditional automotive batteries.

Explains Randy Anderson, National Technical Sales and Training with Canadian Energy, “With a start-stop vehicle system, every time you are stopped with your foot on the break the engine shuts off. As you can imagine, that happens a lot in city driving between stoplights and stop-and-go traffic. The problem is that when the engine shuts off, the entire electrical system is drawing straight from the battery and the alternator is working hard to recharge it.”

It's a demanding process, he continues, and one that can significantly reduce battery life over time. And while the introduction of absorbed glass matte (AGM) batteries has softened the effects of start-stop systems in recent years, it's left room for improvements in terms of longer battery life and lower costs.

This, says Anderson, is where MIXTECH improves on the formula: “With this enhanced flooded battery, there's an added passive device in the battery that uses the motion of the vehicle to mix electrolytes around the device. That effectively solves the big challenge of acid stratification, which occurs when heavier acids settle to the bottom of a battery solution and accelerate the corrosion of the plates.”

It's estimated that this solution offers three to four-times more battery life than conventional batteries and will cost drivers less than traditional options. These benefits make it an appealing option for vehicle owners and its success in the transportation sector should fuel its momentum in a more mainstream market.

“MIXTECH was initially rolled out for trucks and larger vehicles and it's been catching some steam since. More progressive fleets have been using it to reduce their total cost of ownership in terms of less maintenance and downtime,” Anderson adds.

MIXTECH was originally developed in Germany and was brought to Canada by Discover Energy,  Canada's sole manufacturer of MIXTECH products, and Canadian Energy, the country's exclusive distributor. It's slated to make the transfer to consumer vehicles later in 2018.

Randy Anderson is the National Technical Sales and Training Manager with Canadian Energy. For more about MIXTECH, visit www.cdnrg.com.

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