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Electric Vehicles (EV) are coming. But are condos, apartment complexes and property managers ready?

It wasn’t long ago that Electric Vehicles belonged to a far distant future. Even after the first passenger EVs hit the market, it took years to sell the first million cars worldwide. For a while, no one really knew if they would catch on. Now, a million EVs are sold every 6 months.

In Alberta, passenger EV sales have almost doubled in the past year. That means they’re popping up in more and more residential parking lots, parkades and private garages across the province.

And yet, most condos or affected properties don’t have policies in place to address the additional electricity needed to charge them. Many property managers are left wondering how much electricity EVs use, and what they should be doing to prepare for the increase in demand.

Charging an EV uses the kW equivalent of running up to 10 microwave ovens or roughly the same as two clothes dryers. As EVs continue to become more attractive to drivers, property managers will have to consider what EVs will mean for their energy projections and consumption.

Installing high-speed charging stations is an option, but drivers can also use an adapter to plug into a standard outlet usually available for block heaters, although in the winter this option often doesn’t provide enough energy to heat the battery and charge the EV.

Every building has its own energy needs and usage patterns. Sitting down for a consultation with a trusted energy advisor is one way to help you prepare for the growing demands EVs will put on your electricity consumption. They can work with your budget to compensate for the increase in demand, or help you find other ways accommodate the drivers of the future arriving on your doorstep.

To speak with an energy expert about EVs and your property, or to schedule a free no-obligation assessment, call ATCOenergy at 844-887-6937 or visit atcoenergy.com.

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