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The Building Act General Regulation came into force June 2016 with an initial list of unrestricted matters. The amendment adds the following items:

1.   Unrestricted over the Longer Term

a.   Protection of Heritage Properties

2.   Temporarily Unrestricted

a.   Firefighting Water Supply (Fire-Flow Demand)

b.   Flood Construction Level Requirements

3.   Temporarily Unrestricted with Time Limitations

a.   Fire Sprinklers and Fire Sprinkler Systems

b.   Accessibility of a Building

c.   Adaptable Dwelling Units

Items 3a, 3b and 3c are temporarily unrestricted only if the bylaw(s) specifying the technical building requirement(s) for the matter is enacted on or before December 15, 2017 and is not amended after that date as it relates to the matter.

The Province will advise stakeholders when it intends to remove a matter from the unrestricted matters list.

Information about these changes is available on the Building Act website (www.gov.bc.ca/buildingact). Full details can be found in a revised version of the Building Act guide entitled Changes for Local Governments Under Section 5 of the Building Act, available online.  

Questions? Contact Dale Andersson, Building and Safety Standards Branch /  dale.andersson@gov.bc.ca.