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Experts say that simple features help keep rats and mice out. For example, use door sweeps made of rodent-proof materials, and seal utility openings with escutcheon plates, cement mortar, or copper mesh. Discourage pigeon perching by designing window ledges with a 45 degree angle or installing bird slides, spikes, or electric shock tracks. Cover up air intakes, vents and chimneys with steel mesh covers and caps to stop other wildlife visitors.

Preventing access to garbage is key, so enclose refuse and recycling areas with solid walls that extend to the ground. Ideally, place these enclosures on top of concrete pads so that rodents cannot burrow into them. Consider how landscaping may provide wildlife with shelter. Separate densely growing plants from each other and from buildings by at least two feet so animals do not freely move around under plant cover.

The BC SPCA believes that pest prevention is a critical aspect in the design of animal-friendly buildings. They encourage building owners to think “AnimalKind” and include pest prevention, along with features to reduce bird-window collision and protecting wildlife during construction when they build. Detailed information on keeping wildlife out of buildings can be found in the City of San Francisco’s guidance on Pest Prevention by Design.

Article provided by the BC SPCA.