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The NFCA (National Floor Covering Association) Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is a specifiable floor inspection service that protects building owners from poor quality floor covering installations. The purpose of the service is to make sure floor coverings are installed to the manufacturer's guidelines and national standards, and to leave the building owner with a floor warranty in place at the end of the project.  

Recently the QAP was specified into the HOpe Centre Lions Gate Hospital project. It helped the construction teams involved understand and obtain the site conditions necessary to install the floor coverings properly.

The usual challenges were present, sub-floor preparation, moisture testing, achieving acceptable site conditions and a pressing construction schedule. Timing became a significant issue as the schedule did not anticipate concrete sub-floor dry times required by the moisture sensitive floor coverings and the time needed to take proper moisture tests. With no main heat on in the building, the slab temperature was too cold and ambient relative humidity and temperature were not acceptable. As a result, the installation was delayed until correct conditions were achieved. The outcome... the floor coverings are not lifting, curling and bubbling and there is no risk of mold issues often caused by installing over a substrate that is not dry enough.

Wendy Peare, Project Manager for Capital Projects and Vancouver Coastal Health, said that she found the Quality Assurance Program inspection service 'very beneficial' during the construction of the HOpe Centre Hospital in North Vancouver and would recommend the service for future projects.

For more information on the NFCA Quality Assurance Program, go to www.mfcsi.com.