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  • Beginning in the second renewal cycle, FSRs will need to confirm completion of up to eight hours of code-related training over the previous three years.

  • FSRs who hold a class A, B or C certificate and also hold qualification as an industrial or construction electrician will be given the new designation of BC Master Electrician.

These changes set a high professional standard for all FSRs. FSRs perform an important function for their employers, contractors and equipment owners by declaring whether electrical work is safe and complies with existing safety codes, standards, acts and regulations. Bringing periodic professional training to FSRs, as well as access to ongoing information on code updates and regulatory changes, will strengthen the overall integrity of the safety system. To read more details about these changes, visit www.safetyauthority.ca/fsr-changes.

BCSA will offer webinars and regional open house events throughout BC in September and October 2017, to provide further details on the renewal process and answer questions about these changes.

Questions? Contact BCSA’s Stakeholder Engagement team at engage@safetyauthority.ca.