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Consumer tastes are in constant shift, and today's eco-conscious eaters are driving demand for foods that are both good for the body and the planet. This is creating demand for organic and chemical-free ingredients; among the most popular of which are organic products, like organic bread.

“The demand for organic products is definitely growing, and this includes baked goods,” Arnaud Deniaud, Director of Technical Services and New Product Development at Lesaffre. “It's popular among food producers specifically because organic yeast is required to be used for making organic bread.”

Labelling benefits notwithstanding, organic yeast carries benefits that are of particular interest to health-conscious consumers, who realize the organic breads that are made with organic yeast contain more whole food ingredients than conventional breads.

Until recently, organic yeast has been somewhat difficult to come by in the Canadian market. This is changing with the introduction of products like Lesaffre’s Red Star organic compressed yeast which, prior to its Canadian arrival, was recognized as 'organic' under the USDA's rigorous food regulations which mirror Canada's own.

With the go-ahead to bring organic yeast to the Canadian market, Arnaud and his team have spent their time behind the scenes testing its application in a range of products.

“Red Star organic compressed yeast has been tested with success in a wide variety of formulations like lean to sweet doughs, and processes like fresh dough, retarded dough, sponge and dough, and even frozen dough,” he reports.

The potential for organic yeast in the Canadian market has yet to be fully realized; however, thanks to consumer tastes and a willingness from the food industry, its reputation is already on the rise.

Arnaud Deniaud is the Director of Technical Services and New Product Development at Lesaffre. As a global producer and innovator in yeasts and fermentation. Learn more at www.lesaffre.com.

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